Looks Like We Made It!

So if you read that headline and immediately think “Barry Manilow!” then you are way too cool.

If you just read the above sentence and are asking yourself “Who is Barry Manilow?”, well, I’m sure you’re still cool, but not as cool as me! It’s a song title, from a popular singer in the 70s (who I think is going on tour this year?).

But it’s a great headline to use, because it really does look like we made it…made it through the winter, that is!

Oh, I know you’ve all seen the weather for tomorrow. But really, after all the snow and bitter cold from the winter, what’s one more day – especially when you see the forecast for the weekend! We can make it through just one more day, I know we can!

We’ve learned a lot this winter. For example..

  • Your dishwasher can freeze. Seriously! You would think I would be distressed about frozen pipes, frozen hoses, frozen water troughs, frozen buckets. But my biggest distress this winter was when my dishwasher froze! Spending all day in sub-zero temperatures is no fun, but coming home and having to (gasp!) hand-wash dishes is really no fun!
  • We learned how not to have frozen water troughs. Instead of using the green metal bars that have fallen out between the stalls to break the 6-inch ice layers in the troughs, then taking a pitchfork to remove the icebergs (and having painfully sore arms, shoulders and backs), we solved the problem! When we brought in each evening, we tipped the troughs over. Then refilled them each morning. No ice, and the water didn’t refreeze during the day!
  • We found out that even though the wash stall is heated, you can’t store hoses in there without draining them first. Yeah, we had a day with frozen hoses, but luckily we have hot water in the wash stall and could de-thaw the hoses fairly fast.
  • After one day of having absolutely no water in the Upper Barn and having to run a hose way out to the outside spigot, I put on my plumber hat (and pulled up my shiny pants so I didn’t have plumber’s butt), and figured out how to keep the water running all the time in the Upper Barn.
  • Speaking of plumber’s butt, the zipper broke on my shiny pants, so they fell down. A lot. Which is a problem if you’re wearing pajama pants under them. But I learned yet another use for bailing twine – a belt! I think once the weather gets to 70 and stays there for at least five days, I will throw away my shiny pants!
  • Double-ended snaps freeze. Making it hard to take down the water buckets to break the ice (we used to complain about people having the heated buckets because it makes dumping them a pain, but we’ve changed our tune about those after this winter!). But I’m like MacGyver…I know exactly how to get those snaps unfrozen, and I don’t even have to take off my gloves. Here’s a hint…according to Wikipedia, the temperature of a human tongue is 98.2 degrees. Wait, you don’t know who MacGyver is, either?

So, winter, whatever. Let it snow tomorrow. Because I’ll be singing one of my favorite Barry Manilow songs…
“Looks like we made it
Left each other on the way to another love
Looks like we made it
Or I thought so till today
Until you were there, everywhere…”


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