Oh, The Weather Outside Is…

I know. It’s March. And I’m using a Christmas song as the title. Because the weather they’re calling for this week covers pretty much everything (except sunny and 80 degrees, my favorite kind of day!). Sunny on Monday, Sleet on Tuesday, Snow on Wednesday. Yay.

But here’s what’s going on this week at NFF:

Sunday – we cancelled our Interschool Show because of the weather, and I’m sure glad we did. It was a Varsity show, and we’ve rescheduled it for March 15.

Monday – it was a “skeleton crew” kind of day around the barn. Poor Shannon couldn’t make it in to work – on Sunday evening she was on her way to the farm she’d been farm-sitting for, and the icy road caused her truck to slide off the road. She ended up falling on the ice and hitting her head, and after she took care of the farm animals her brother came out to pick her up (after a policeman had to give her a ride to the main road!). Aside from the fact her head was throbbing yesterday morning, she had to get her truck unstuck, so she couldn’t work.  And then there’s poor Jen who spent the day in Baltimore: I’ll let her tell the whole story, but it involved her mom and step-dad, a 10-day cruise, chest pains, a Mexican hospital, a Congressman, and an air ambulance! Gabriel is away for the month visiting family in Mexico, so that left me and Santos (Gabriel’s friend who helps him with the stalls). And Mr. Jimmy, who puts out our round bales, because of course Monday was “hay day”.

Monday evening Harmony and I travelled down to Bethesda for a WBTA (Washington Bridle Trails Association) board meeting. We were joined by fellow NFF rider Mike Auldridge, along with the rest of the board. We planned the 2015 show season, and I’m excited to announce that we’ll be having MHSA Regional divisions at our July and October schooling shows! This is great news for our NFF Show Team, as we are participating in the MHSA Regional Program this year. We’re also aggressively searching for division sponsors this year – so if anyone would like to sponsor a division, just let me know and I’ll give you the info!

On Monday I also announced the winning cover photo for our NFF Stables Clients Facebook Page. Congratulations to Amy Berbert (Ronin’s owner) on receiving the most “likes” for her picture of Ronin. We’ll do another contest for April!

Tuesday – after Monday’s mild temperatures, today is right down cold. Luckily I have lots of office work to keep me busy. I have some great story ideas for this blog, but finding time to write is always a challenge. I’ll be in touch with Jen soon regarding lessons today, but don’t forget about new scheduling calendar that I’m trying out: http://teamup.com/ks8073639353c1760a/ . At this time it’s a “read-only” calendar, but you can see quickly what lesson times Jen has available for the current and following week. You’ll still have to email, text or call me to reserve a time, but at least you can see what is available. And if you forget the link, just go to our website on the “news” page and click on it.

Wednesday – Snow, seriously? It’s supposed to be fairly mild during the day, but they are calling for rain. I’m hoping to block off some time to wash the dust off the walls in the indoor arena (it finally warmed up enough on Monday to water it!). I guess I am hoping for snow Wednesday evening, because it’s our elementary school’s All-School-Musical that evening…snow, or sit through six grades of singing…yes, it’s a hard decision.

Thursday – we’ll just play it by ear for lessons. As always, if you’re not comfortable driving here, just let us know! We don’t mind you cancelling your lesson. Hopefully the roads will be okay on Thursday because our barn blacksmith will be here that day.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – lessons as usual Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we’re hosting an Interschool JV show all day (so horse owners, the ring won’t be available until after 3 p.m.). If anyone would like to come help at the show starting at 8 a.m., you can earn a free practice ride or lesson. Just let me know if you’d like to help!

So that’s our week. We’ll be enjoying longer daylight hours next week, since the clocks change on Sunday morning! And just maybe if we get through this week’s wacky weather, Spring will start to arrive next week!

– Amy


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